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me, myself & i is playwright Lorenzo C. Robertson's one-man show about the life of a man on a quest of self and the many obstacles that block his path to greater self-awareness, understanding, and contentment.


me, myself & i is presented in 5 acts, each explores complex issues that people can relate to in their own lives. This show touches each person in a very different manner, but all that experience me, myself and i will be changed and enlightened by the journey.


Act One - Ole Man:

Explores the dysfunctional relationship between an alcoholic grandfather and his grandson. The audience will watch the grandson's coming of age and his realization that he wasted valuable time and could have learned equally valuable lessons had he just made use of the time (and space) they shared.


Act Two - Safety Patrolman:

Explores the relationship between father and son; the son's deception and how his untruths almost ruin his chance go on a class trip to Washington, DC.


Act Three - Relationships:

Explores a son's knowledge of vital and destructive information that he kept hidden. Shows how to keep relationships intact by keeping personal and intimate information to yourself.


Act Four - Sexuality:

Examines the complexities of confronting one's own sexual orientation; but how the death of a close friend forces one to relish in one's own sexual identity.


Act Five- Revelations:

The final act in the life of the man explores what happens when he is informed that he had been exposed to the deadly HIV/AIDS virus. The audience witnesses his reaction as he learns the devastating diagnosis and how he plans to live his life beyond AIDS.


me, myself &i is a poignant voyage through a man's life, each act brings forth strong messages of self-awareness, AIDS, family values, and personal responsibility.

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